Best Trash Removal in Torrance

Loads of trash has accumulated at your residence and you are now worrying about the removal of it all. So you begin your quest of finding the best trash removal service in Torrance and thus land on ‘Hauling BBTSLA’. Well, congratulations! You’ve reached your destination.

You need your trash removed from your residence in Torrance you can depend upon “Hauling B.B.T.S. L.A.” to do away with you worries.

No matter what kind of trash, whatever the amount of trash, and the size of items in your trash everything is removable. We have the necessary equipment, trucks and trained professionals to clean out your property effectively.

How to avail our services

There is nothing difficult about getting hold of our trash removal service. In order to avail our services all you need to do is to contact us by calling at contact number OR Book our services online and save yourself $30.

When you contact us you we will give you a free estimate of the service charges based on the amount our trucks can carry. You will be given complete estimation without any hidden charges.

After booking appointment

Once we have finalized the charges and booking with you, we will send in an efficient team of professionals to clear away the trash. The team will contact you 15 minutes before their arrival.

For your convenience, we can also provide same-day services in certain situations.

Our services

Our package

Whether the trash to be removed consists of small items or large our team will clean it all up. Even the biggest and the heaviest items will be hauled away.

We ensure your place completely cleared of all kind of mess and even after picking up all the items we provide complete cleanup as part of our package.

During or after construction

All the waste left behind after the construction or re-construction of a building reduces the beauty and functionality of the newly constructed building and you would want to get it removed as soon as possible and properly to start using your building. This is why we give you the flexibility of using our services even during the project. Rather than waiting for it end, you could have book an appointment during the project if you want.

Residential and commercial residential estate

We provide trash removal services to both residential as well as commercial estates. Whatever the amount of junk there is at any property our efficient, well trained and experienced staff will do a pretty clean job.

Eco-friendly waste removal

Hauling BBTSLA provides hygienic, eco-friendly services at competitive rates. For best trash removal in Torrance we like to make our services safe for the environment and safe for you!


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